Royal Crown

Royal Crown: Classic Slot Game by BF Games

In a highly competitive gaming landscape, classic and retro slot games must adapt to various forms and embrace new regulations to distinguish themselves. Royal Crown, developed by BF Games, exemplifies this trend with its unique themes, yet traditional gameplay mechanics, and a simplistic paytable.

Royal Crown possesses the potential to captivate the interest of numerous players seeking an original gaming experience. Transporting players to the medieval era, this latest creation from BF Games promises an immersive journey, evoking the spirit of chivalry with its high-volatility challenges.

Explore our detailed review of Royal Crown, the quintessential classic slot game by BF Games, to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of its features and gameplay dynamics.

Middle Age Charm

Royal Crown is going to send players a few centuries into the past. The game is taking place at the heart of a fortified castle, in a large reception hall with torches on the walls and armors lined up on both sides of the room. Daylight filters through colorful stained glass windows, and overall Royal Crown has a very polished look.

We honestly didn’t expect a classic game such a Royal Crown to look this beautiful. The reel animations are flawlessly fluid, the game is fast-paced and the rules very intuitive. All the commands are grouped within a single menu that you can summon at will by clicking the button under the reels, offering you several options that we will be detailing next.

Nothing but the Basics

Royal Crown contains all the classic gameplay options that you are probably familiar with, if you have a little experience on the slot game market. The 5 reels of the game can contain up to 10 paylines, with a betting range going from 0.10 to 50 credits per spin maximum. The autoplay mode allows you to keep on playing with the same settings several times in a row, while the optional gamble challenge can double each of your rewards. Simply guess the colour of the hidden card to do so, if you feel that you can take the risk.

Royal Crown also stays very classic when it comes to the paytable itself. The reels are filled to the brim with all the regular casino symbols such as fruits, bells and sevens. The top prize is a mere x10 reward, which is much less than we would have expected. To help you out a little, Royal Crown features a crown symbol that serves as a wild on the 3 central reels. Scoring a prize thanks to a wild results in an immediate free respin, giving you a chance to start a chain reaction of successive wins.

Other Options to Consider

Royal Crown sticks so closely to the most classic rules of the genre that you can find many similar, even identical, other slots on the market. From Stardust Evolution by Capecod Gaming to Mob’s Wild Shamrock, the sheer number of options is actually a bit dizzying – which on the other hand makes Royal Crown appear all too predictable.

Fruit-themed slot games can still be a little more innovative than Royal Crown. Take Black Magic Fruits from Barcrest for example, another challenging slot game with a much smaller reel set. This particular game still manages to stand out thanks to its original universe and the potential rewards that you can score.

Not That Impressive After All

Royal Crown had us a little puzzled because of 2 contrasting trends. On one hand, you have some very beautiful graphics and an original setup, and on the other the paytable is almost devoid of bonus features, and clearly empty of any sort of big win worthy of the name.

This combination not only makes Royal Crown challenging, but also not very rewarding – and sometimes downright frustrating. We felt that there was a missed opportunity here, which is not common from a BF Games slot. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options out there that you can choose to make you go beyond Royal Crown fast.