1/4 Odds– How to predict odds

If you are already a professional in the field of soccer betting, you are certainly no stranger to the 1/4 odds. Let’s join bookmaker Jili77 to learn about the 1/4 handicap in soccer betting and why it attracts players so much.

Overview of 1/4 odds

When talking about soccer betting, especially when discussing Asian handicaps, it is impossible not to mention the diversity of handicap types. In this list, the 1/4 handicap emerges among the popular choices today.

What is 1/4 odds?

1/4 odds

The 1/4 handicap, often called the “half handicap,” is a simple concept in the world of soccer betting. When you see this bet on the online bookmaker’s registered betting board, it is often represented through numbers such as 0.25 or 0-0.5.

In particular, you need to understand that this is a type of handicap, focusing on evaluating the outcome of a football match. Besides 1/4 handicap, there are many other types such as ball handicap or half ball handicap.

Mastering these types of odds helps you improve your chances of success when participating in soccer betting. At the same time, understanding how bookmakers determine the odds for each match will help you have a more comprehensive view of the betting market.

Form of reading 1/4 odds

To grasp how to read 1/4 odds, you need to grasp the basics through the content below:

When the favorite team wins, no matter what the final score is, you will receive a bonus worthy of your victory.
When the result is a draw, if you bet on the favorite team, you will lose half of your bet. On the contrary, if you bet on the underdog team, you will receive half the bet amount.
If the underdog wins, you will be the winner of the bet. The match result does not affect whether you get a reward or not, and you will receive a worthy reward.
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Example of how to calculate a 1/4 handicap

To make the information clearer, let’s consider a specific example between two famous football teams: Barcelona and Real Madrid. For this match, the bookmaker favors Barcelona by handicapping Real Madrid by 0.25 against odds of 0.91, while Real Madrid is handicapped by 0.25 against with odds of 0.99. The basic bet is 100k. Below are three hypothetical situations with a 1/4 handicap in the match:

Example of how to calculate a 1/4 handicap

Barcelona wins the match: If Barcelona wins, those who bet on Barcelona will receive their entire bet back at a rate of 0.91, which is 191k.

Barcelona loses the match: When Barcelona loses, those who bet on Barcelona will lose all their capital, while those who bet on Real Madrid will receive a 199k bonus with odds of 0.99.

Two teams draw: If the match ends in a draw, those who bet on Barcelona will lose half of their original bet, which means they will only be refunded 50k. In contrast, those who bet on Real Madrid will win half of the bet, with a payout of 149.5k if calculated according to odds.

Methods of playing 1/4 odds

To ensure you master how to use 1/4 odds and apply it effectively, here are some important tips.

Priority is given to the home team

If the home team is rated higher and faces a weaker opponent, this could be a good opportunity to bet on the home team. Usually, the home team will have the advantage in the match and is likely to win the match overall.

Place the away team when the strength is better

When the away team is rated higher than the home team, your decision should be based on many different factors. The stability of both teams in recent matches can be considered to make the correct decision.

Analyze each player’s team performance

In case the match takes place at a neutral ground, it is most important to carry out a thorough analysis of the level of both teams. Let’s compile information about their recent form and consider other factors that could affect the outcome of the match.

It is very important to train yourself to observe the match and analyze the actual situation. Watch the changes that take place throughout the match, applying logical thinking to make specific predictions about the outcome based on the information you gather. This will help you have an overall view and make the right decisions when betting.

Take advantage of the first 15 minutes of the match to observe the development of the confrontation before making any betting decisions, especially when you feel uncertain. This time allows you to consider the situation as a whole, and helps you make better decisions.