What is Thai Hilo? Need to know playing experience

Many players are interested in Thai Hilo and want to find answers. This is one of the top attractive games today. To learn more about this interesting game, please share the information below. Bookmaker Wowjili ph will send bettors detailed information about Thai Hilo.

Introducing Thai Hilo

Thai Hilo or Thai Dice is the name of an attractive prediction and betting game. Participants place bets to predict the results of 3 randomly rolled dice. At first glance, this is a relatively simple gameplay, familiar to most bettors today. However, Thai Hilo still has its style and more diverse betting forms.

Because the betting window is increased, this Thai Sic Bo game has a high chance of making money. Therefore, most large bookmakers today often integrate this product into the system. The goal is best to serve the player community’s betting and entertainment needs. And thanks to that, this game always possesses a stable and effective financial source.

How to play Thai Hilo

Bettors can better understand the Thai Sicbo game by learning how to play. Here are important factors to know so that even if it’s your first bet, you won’t be surprised:

Thai Hilo’s rules

Thai Hilo’s betting table will include 3 dice, each with points from 1 to 6. Participants deposit money for 1 bet using different prediction forms. The bet amount will be based on the member’s conditions and will be converted into chips.

As soon as the betting ends, the Thai Hilo Dealer will randomly roll 3 dice. The result was something that no one could have known in advance, creating a high level of surprise. At that time, players will feel the excitement and thrill every time the Dealer announces the dice points.

The house will determine the accuracy of the result compared to the player’s chosen bet. If you predict correctly, you will receive a reward according to the regulations of this betting playground. For example, the payout rule for a bet is 1:2, then the bettor gets a reward of 2 times the bet.

Betting options

The critical thing to grasp in Thai Hilo is the betting window. Each betting window is a separate experience for you to invest in and hunt for rewards conveniently. Below is some information to predict:

Over/Under: This door has 2 options: Over is a total score of 11 to 17, Under is from 4 to 10 points.
Hi Lo bet: The player bets on the exact score of the 3 dice. The reward rate of this bet will be very high and flexible, depending on each specific number. Therefore you can bet with options like 6Hi, 7Hi, 8Hi,…
Single bet: Member bets on a certain number, predicting them to appear in 3 dice.
Double bet: You choose when you think a number appears simultaneously on both dice.
Bet three: Predict that all three dice will appear with the same number.

Many different betting options are offered in Thai Hilo game

How to pay Thai Hilo rewards

One of the things that bettors are interested in is the specified reward rate. For Thai Hilo, this is a game with the opportunity to earn optimal bonuses. Thereby, you can hunt rewards with the following rates:

Bet Hi: Bonus 1:2.7 applies.
Bet Lo: Bonus payout at 1:2 ratio.
Bet 11Hi: Reward 1:7,8.
Bet 6Hi: Bonus received is 1:11.5.
5Hi bet: Payout at 1:7.
Bet 3Hi: Bonus payout 1:4.
Point bet: Bonus 1:2 for 1 number, 2 numbers appearing 1:3 and 3 simultaneously is 1:15.

Some note

Once you understand Thai Hilo clearly, you will see that this is a simple game to bet on. However, when participating, players should not be too subjective and need to grasp the rules carefully:

Players place their bets according to a reasonable limit, please divide them according to your conditions.
You should clearly understand the nature of each bet to avoid making wrong decisions.
Thai Hilo betting has a certain time for betting. Members need to pay attention to calculations to avoid missing their turn.
During betting, players should apply strategies to increase winnings. Highlights include: staggered betting, betting on 2 doors or more, result statistics, double betting,…
Each dice roll will bring different results for you to hunt for rewards. Therefore, you should not use cheating tricks; this will affect the experience.

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