QQ Keno Betting Guide at 77jl

Speaking of Keno, surely many players no longer feel unfamiliar with this version of the lottery. However, 77jl is offering a new version of the lottery, called QQ Keno.

Overall, this game is upgraded from the old version, but there are many changes in bet types. Follow the article below to learn about a new version of Keno.

QQ Keno

How to play the QQ Keno game

Keno is released by Spribe Game Company, one of the quite reputable addresses in the entertainment market. At first glance, players may feel that this version of Keno is nothing new, however, it is much simpler, and extremely suitable for new players.

Many players consider QQ Keno to be a fairly simple lottery game, easy to participate in and easy to receive rewards. Thanks to these features, the Keno version at 77jl is increasingly welcomed by players.

Instructions for betting in QQ Keno

Instructions for betting in QQ Keno

At each Keno round, the number boxes are marked from 1 to 36 respectively.

Players choose up to 10 numbers or click randomly to select number boxes according to a 6×6 square table.

The numbers the player has chosen will be displayed in the right column of the Keno board, corresponding to each number box is their payout level.

Next, the player clicks on the “bet” box, the system immediately displays the results of the game’s 10 winning numbers.

The player who chooses the matching number box will receive a reward based on the previously stipulated payout rate.

After the house pays the bonus, new betting begins again. Depending on personal preferences, players can choose numbers by clicking directly on the screen or selecting through the “Random selection” section.

Because Keno is a completely random game, before choosing the number box, the player cannot know the specific payout level of each box. Therefore, the fairness of the game is extremely high, suitable for those who love entertainment, do not seek to win or lose or compete with other card games.

In addition, the house is also very dedicated to helping players bet better. The game not only stands out in terms of its bright pink interface, but the yellow number boxes make the betting content clear. Players can still have fun by choosing to bet with the automatic feature, which is extremely convenient!

The end

The keno game at w88 shortly will also improve many new advantages to serve players. We believe that with the bookmaker’s efforts and the listening of game providers, Keno at the “Quick Game” platform will develop further. Quickly register for a 77jl account today to have the most authentic experience. Good luck!