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It’s undeniable that mobile gadgets have taken over the globe. We are dependent on them for daily needs and are unable to function without them. Our smartphones are used for much more than just communication. We use them for work, shopping, and a variety of financial transactions, tying our payment methods to certain apps.

But Google, one of the biggest and most prosperous businesses in the world, has made things simpler for Android users by developing an eWallet that can be accessed on all of their mobile devices. Google Pay is an amazing mobile and online banking solution that the firm developed to avoid users the hassle of downloading extra apps and paying extra fees. Why should you use Google Pay as your eWallet at all online casinos?

About Google Pay

As introduced, Google Pay is a product launched by the leading global company Google. It was designed with the purpose to make Android users’ mobile and online banking experience as seamless as it gets. As a solution available to all Android users with an active Google account, it can be used by people from all across the globe.

Originally, the company launched it under a different name. Google Wallet, as it was called back then, was launched in 2011. Within four years, in 2015 Android Pay was launched by the company. Since the two were pretty similar and functioned in the same way, Google decided to merge them in 2018 and create a one unique eWallet, Google Pay.

The eWallet was initially available for users from Singapore, Ireland and Australia. But then, it started being accepted in Lithuania and India. As of 2020, it is accepted and available to users from 30 countries all across the world.

With now-global acceptance, the eWallet became one of the most popularly used in the financial world. Three things further strengthened its position as a leading eWallet and payment solution. The first one was its partnership with PayPal, in 2018. The second one was its functionality that allowed users to connect their credit and debit cards to the eWallet. And the third one was the functionality to connect all users’ Android devices to the eWallet, for an even smoother experience.

Needless to say, considering all of these features and functionalities, the eWallet made its way into the online gambling industry. Sure, Google keeps on abiding by countries’ laws and regulations when it comes to online gambling and advertising, and therefore changes policy on apps which are offering gambling constantly, so you’ll have to do your homework when trying to join a site that accepts the eWallet. But even though the list of casinos that accept it is still not that long, you’ll surely find many leading casino sites you can join to use it.

Getting Started with It

You should know that setting up your Google Pay account would require some work in advance. You need to have some things prepared forehand in order to get started with it.

First of all, you should have a payment method ready that you will use to fund your eWallet account. You’ll either have to have an account with PayPal or have a credit/debit card you’ll use to top it up with money. You probably do have at least one card you can use, but if not, either visit your bank to get issued with one, or sign up for a free PayPal account.

Considering you’ve settled things up with the payment methods, the next step would be downloading the Google Pay app. You would need to visit Google Play Store, on any Android tablet or smartphone, look for the app and download it. If you have a newer version of an Android mobile device, the app will be pre-installed, therefore you can completely forget about this step and just find the app on your device and tap on it.

As you open your eWallet, make sure you connect your PayPal account or credit/debit card to it. Then, make sure you connect the eWallet to all your mobile devices, the ones you’ll want to use to start depositing with it. You’ll see that the eWallet’s interface is pretty informative, helpful and intuitive, so you’ll be able to start using it right away. In just a few taps on your device, you’ll complete a deposit at an online casino. Below, the steps you need to make to fund your online casino account with it are explained.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with Google Pay?

As soon as you have your eWallet app up and ready, you can start depositing with Google Pay. But the trick, as mentioned, is to find a casino that accepts it, a casino you can trust. Luckily, a decent number of leading online casinos accept it, therefore, make sure you explore your options and join the one that seems to suit you most, depending on your gambling needs and preferences. As soon as you do, do the following:

  1. Go to the casino’s Deposit/Cashier/Banking page.
  2. Find the eWallet’s logo and tap on it to open it.
  3. Just enter the amount of money you’d like to have on your online casino balance.
  4. Choose whether you’d like to use your PayPal account, credit or debit card to complete the payment.
  5. Using your TouchID or security code, submit your payment request.
  6. As you complete all of these steps, you’ll see the money arrive on your online casino balance in an instant.

As you can see, when you use this incredible solution across online casinos, even though you have your PayPal/credit/debit card info with it, the info is never shared with the operator. That means that with Google Pay, you never need to disclose any banking details with the casino. Add to that the fact that Google encrypts all data when transferring the money and a unique encrypted number is applied to each transaction, a temporary one, and you can rest assured that both your money and your details are 100% safe with it.

But the best part about depositing with it is that Google Pay charges no fees! That’s right when you decide to use it for deposits, you will get the most cost-effective mobile and online banking experience ever!

How to Withdraw with It?

To date, Google has not greenlighted withdrawals with Google Pay. The solution, appearing as such in 2018, is relatively new, so the company must still be working on including this feature in the eWallet.

But considering Google’s continued initiative to innovate and enhance the eWallet’s functionalities, it should come as no surprise if the company launches the withdrawal option soon. Until then, make sure you have an alternative method ready for cashouts from online casinos if you intend to use the eWallet for deposits.

Applicable Fees

Deposits with Google Pay across online casinos, as mentioned, are fee-free. But you must be wondering whether some other fees apply for using it that you should be aware of?

The thing is, this eWallet comes with absolutely no fees. It is an absolutely free solution to use for all Android users with a Google account, regardless of how small or big your transaction will be. When depositing with it across online casinos, the transactions are considered as card-not-present transactions, since it is used within an Android app, as an eWallet. Therefore, these transactions are free. No account registration charges apply either.

However, when using it across offline shops and land-based casinos even, bear in mind that those transactions will be card-present transactions, so some fees would apply.

Accepted Currencies

Google Pay is a global solution, accepted in over 30 countries across the world. As such, it should be available to you and accepted in your country.

But your country’s currency may not be. While the company does its best to provide all users with the chance to transact with their own countries’ currencies, that’s not always a possibility. In cases where your currency is not available, you would need to use an alternative. Google usually recommends the use of the US dollar. Keep in mind that when using a currency different from your country’s currency, currency conversion fees apply.

Restricted Countries

When you visit Google Pay’s website, you’ll see the full list of accepted countries. As mentioned, it was initially available in Singapore, Ireland, Australia, then, Lithuania and India and as of 2020, it is accepted in 30 countries all across the world. Countries that are not found on that list are all restricted countries.

To be clear, in addition to the first five, the following are the accepted countries: Italy, the UK, Argentina, the Netherlands, the US, Germany, Ukraine, New Zealand, Austria, France, Switzerland, Norway, Belarus, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Croatia, South Africa and Colombia. As you can see, most of these countries are countries with a well-established and regulated online gambling market, so as long as you are a player from any of them, you’ll be able to use Google Pay across online casinos.

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