Best Bonuses and Offers Guide

Online gambling is no longer a niche activity. Especially in the last few years, more people than ever have turned to online sports betting, simply because visiting a physical shop was restricted. And one of the main attractions of online betting sites has been bonuses.

That’s what we plan to explore on this page. We will go over the best sport betting bonuses and their terms & conditions to paint a complete picture for you.

List of Best Bookmakers

Before anything else, we want you to have the list of the best sport bonus bookmakers in Malaysia. Our experts have evaluated each of these brands individually to test their reliability.

Betting Bonuses and Why Are they Offered?

The reason why a welcome bonus or any other sport bonus is offered is simple. The operator wants to attract new customers as well as wants to keep the existing customers occupied. The same principle applies to any other online bonus you can think of.

Another reason why bonuses are so prominent in the iGaming industry is the surplus budget. An online betting company doesn’t have to spend nearly as much as physical establishments for rent, maintenance, staff salaries, and so on. As a result, they use the surplus budget on bonuses. So, the answer to your question is customer acquisition and retention.

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Types of Bookmakers Bonuses in Malaysia

We’ve reached the meat of the content here so pay attention. We’re going to list the most common type of sport bonus you can find in Malaysia. Keep in mind that we’re going based on the bonus types instead of examples. Let’s go.

Welcome Bonus

Needless to say, this is the most common type of iGaming bonus out there. By “iGaming”, we’re referring to both online sportsbooks and casinos. A sportsbook welcome bonus can be a first deposit match bonus, free bets, risk-free bets, and every other type of bonus you can think of.

Free Bets

These are betting credits that you get for specific sports. Some bookmakers even take it one step further and offer free bets on all sports! For example, if you get a 100 RM free bet, it means you can place 100 RM worth of bets using that free bet. And you get to keep the winnings.

Risk-Free Bets

This is another rendition of the free bets you know. With regular free bets, you only get to keep the winnings. That’s the case with risk-free bets as well but this time, it’s insured. The “risk-free” bets will return the money to your account if it fails. On the contrary, regular free bets will just discard it and you don’t win anything.


This is more of a feature rather than a bonus. The markets that come with the cashout feature allow you to settle a bet before a match starts. It’s a mention-worthy fact because cashing out a pre-match bet was only a dream a few years ago! This gives you the opportunity to fold on a bet before it’s too late.

Odds Boost

Odds boost, enhanced boost, ACCA boost, and every other kind of boosted promotion in an online bookmaker mean pretty much the same thing. You win more than what you were initially supposed to win.

Finding the Best Bonus Offers

Finding a bonus offer is not hard in Malaysia. Pretty much all the sportsbook that accept punters from the country will offer at least some bonuses. The challenge lies in finding the “best” bonus offers.

In the next section, we’re going to go deep on the things you need to consider when choosing an online betting site. For now, keep in mind that the overall quality of the bonus is far more important than the flashy amount you see. It’s very possible that a 100 RM bonus is way better than a 10,000 RM bonus if the terms are right.

What to Considerbonuses for sports betting

If a welcome bonus or any other bonus is a priority for you while betting for real money in Malaysia, you need to pay attention here. The following are the most important aspects for punters all over the world.


Even if the betting site is offering a million-dollar bonus, you have to look into the license first. The best features don’t mean anything if the site cannot ensure your safety. A license also proves that the betting site you’re targeting the welcome bonus 100 RM for is a legit and regulated operation.

Promotions Terms & Conditions

We have an upcoming section where we’re going to learn in-depth about the bonus terms and conditions. For iGaming bonuses especially, it’s mandatory that you understand the terms. Otherwise, you can say bye to whatever bonus you receive.

Payment Methods

Believe it or not, many betting sitbettinges won’t let you participate in a promotion if you use an e-wallet like PayPal or Skrill. In most cases, it’s mentioned in the T&C section of the bonus. Make sure you read that section before you deposit real money. However, you may be able to use your credit cards.

Malaysia Betting Sites Bonus Terms

As promised, we’re going deep into the terms and conditions. We’re hopeful that after you’re done with this section, you’ll be able to judge a bonus by yourself and make the right decision on whether to claim it or not.

Wagering Requirements

If there’s an online gambling site bonus, it’s going to have wagering requirements. There’s no way around it. A wagering requirement refers to the amount you have to wager on your bonus before withdrawal. Thankfully, WR at betting sites is substantially lower than online casinos.

Minimum Odds

In almost all cases, you’ll see “minimum odds” restrictions on whatever bonus you’re getting. It’s especially true for free bets or welcome bonus no deposit bets where you have to place a “qualifying” bet. The minimum odds are a qualifying parameter. If you go under that value, it doesn’t count.

Minimum Selection

Along with minimum odds, many bookmakers require you to add a minimum number of selections. So, if a T&C section is telling you to add 3 selections at least, you can go for 3 or more. But if you add 2 selections, that’s not a qualifying bet.

Expiry Date

Last but not least, every bonus has expiry dates. Free bets are usually valid for 7 to 14 days after you receive them. But it’s subject to change based on what bookmaker you’re going for in Malaysia.

Why Sports Betting Bonuses Are Important in Malaysia

Using bonuses at online sports betting websites in Malaysia can have several advantages, such as:

  • Increasing your chances of winning by having more funds to place bets.
  • Reducing your risk of losing by having less of your own money at stake.
  • Enhancing your enjoyment and excitement by providing more opportunities to bet on your favorite sports and events.
  • Rewarding your loyalty and activity by giving you incentives to keep betting on the same website.