Winstar Online Casino

There are two different categories when it comes to blueprint slots. Certain games are extremely intricate, with numerous extra games and features. Some are straightforward, heavily emphasizing the gameplay of classic slot machines. Winstar is definitely in the simple category, but it has a unique twist that makes it worthwhile to give it a try. In contrast to many other Blueprint games, Winstar features a unique “Winstar” sign that morphs into a different symbol every time, as well as a progressive jackpot that gives you the chance to win 500 times your stake and a whole screen of stars.

This slot is bright, sturdy, and has a little blocky overall design rather than being blatantly appealing. Playing cards from 10 to Ace make up the majority of the symbols on the reels. Each one is big and has a vibrant color. Moreover, equally brilliant red, blue, and green stars can be found. The reels are translucent, but not much can be seen behind them other from a vibrant curved line. The stacked “Winstar” symbols flash, spin, and randomly change into a different symbol as you strike them. This is about as much animation as you will get.

I cannot quite put my finger on the music that plays when the reels spin. This is electronic, and could be from early 1990’s techno type tunes. Wherever it comes from these sounds give the slot an upbeat and dynamic feel. It is quiet between spins.

As with most Blueprint games, Winstar is especially popular at online casinos in the UK, though it is available to a much wider audience.

5 Reels of Fun

You’ll get 5 reels, 3 rows of symbols and 20 win lines in this game. There is a single bet amount for all 20 lines, which are not selectable. The smallest bet is 20p and the biggest a whopping £500. There is an auto-play button, which lets you select up to 50 spins each time.

One unusual aspect of making wins in this game is that the symbols do not have to start on the leftmost reel. Any 3+ adjacent symbols on a line make up a win. This means you can start 4 of a kind wins on reel 2 and 3 of a kind wins on reel 3.

Wins on the pay table are given out relative to your overall stake. The best paying symbol is the spikey silver star, which is worth 50x your bet for 5 on a line, 30x for 4 and 10x for 3. If you fill the whole screen with this symbol you’ll win 500x your bet. Next come the stars, with the red one worth 40x for 5 and the blue and green worth 30x. The playing cards make up the smaller wins.

The special symbol is a golden star. This appears stacked (like the other symbols) and you’ll often find 2 or more entire reels covered. When it lands it will start to spin, and quickly turn into one of the other symbols at random. This will sometimes create a lot of winning combinations. Other times it will not. Since you need 3 of a kind to win, you can sometimes spot when you have a no-win situation with this. An example would be reels 1 and 5 turn into a single symbol, though no 3 of a kinds are possible. This does slow things down a little, though when there are wins they will often be on the larger side – more than making up for this.

There is a progressive jackpot in play. This is not related to any individual symbol. Instead the reels will randomly get a golden line around the edges. If you are lucky enough to get this around all 5 reels, then the progressive jackpot amount can be yours.

Win More than Just Stars with Winstar

Fruit machines have been popular in the UK since long before the advent of modern day slots. This is a game aimed at those who enjoy the straightforward no nonsense type of games with the potential for big wins. It is certainly lively and upbeat, and the stacked symbols give you the potential for big wins at any time. I like the idea of the randomly changing symbol (and of course the occasional big wins it brings). At the same time I cannot help but think that Blueprint could have done a little more with the idea than the game we have here.