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Introduction to VPN-Compatible Crypto Sportsbooks

VPN-compatible crypto sportsbooks are betting platforms that accept cryptocurrencies and permit users to access them via virtual private networks.

This concept has become increasingly popular as it enables users to conceal their identity, location, and other personal information while engaging in gambling activities.

✔️ Benefits of VPN Friendly Crypto Sportsbooks

Web3 and crypto sports betting have set the bar high when it comes to privacy and anonymity as they give the player a lot of control over their personal data. Consequently, sportsbooks are adopting additional measures to heighten their users’ safety online, and allowing the use of VPNs tops the list.

Here are the top benefits of using anonymizing software to access crypto sportsbooks:

Access to Restricted Features

Sportsbook operators understand the importance of complying with gambling laws and regulations in different jurisdictions. To minimize the liabilities they could face from violating the terms of their licenses, they lock restricted countries out of their platforms. For example, if you try to access a sportsbook that doesn’t allow gamblers from your country, a message pops up, blocking you from registering or logging into the site.

When you use VPNs, you route your traffic to a server in another location, preferably a country without restrictions.

By rerouting your traffic, you can access these restricted features:

  • Account opening: Trying to access a geo-locked sportsbook can be frustrating because of access denial. A virtual private network helps you bypass the block so you can create an account and start betting.
  • Placing Bets: People from restricted countries cannot see the sportsbook game catalogue or the odds, which means they cannot place bets. However, using one makes it easy to access these features.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals: Sportsbooks are mandated by the law to track visitors’ IPs and ensure nobody from restricted countries and territories uses certain features. While you might have an easy time signing up and betting with certain bookies, making a withdrawal from the blacklisted country IPs is complex. It ensures you don’t lose your winnings.
  • Access to bonuses: Some sportsbooks don’t allow users from specific countries to access certain bonuses and loyalty programs on their site, but it grants you access.


More than 60 countries around the world have a legal framework controlling gambling. Their attitude towards sports betting is informed by religious and moral codes, rather than pragmatic logic. However, few of these countries have actual firewalls or country-wide internet restrictions against specific gambling sites or sportsbooks. Additionally, they don’t have strict measures to nab or follow up on online sports betting enthusiasts. Instead, they rely on the bookies to filter out visitors from their country.

Sportsbook owners have to protect their licensed status by geo-locking their sites against these countries. Additionally, geo-locking protects sportsbooks from the liabilities that might result from allowing people in countries where gambling is illegal to play.

Therefore, a private network helps anyone from a geo-locked country to access a sports book and carry out their betting activities.


Gamblers often expose themselves to different types of risks when they’re not careful about their internet privacy. These include:

  • Phishing:

Hackers typically use pop-up ads to lead you to scam pages that collect personal and compromising data. In the crypto betting context, the ads could be about a new and more exciting bookie, token, or crypto transacting method or exchange. Once you click on the link, you’re redirected to a page that craftily harvests your data. However, the most powerful ones have ad-blockers that block the ads and protect you from scam pages.

  • Hacking:

Hackers typically use your internet protocol address to track your movements online and intercept your traffic. Getting hacked is easy when you’re visiting sites with a visible IP. Anonymizer software hides your real IP, protecting you from hackers. Note that sometimes third-party access can lead to the loss of your sportsbook account and the money in it. Sportsbooks consider access by different IPs suspicious activity or a data breach, which is why they lock accounts. Using the software minimizes your vulnerability to such attacks.

  • Surveillance:

Some governments and jurisdictions have very strict gambling laws. For example, the UAE, Brunei, North Korea, Japan, Cyprus, Lebanon and Qatar have completely outlawed all forms of gambling. Additionally, they do regular surveillance of their citizens’ online activities. Trying to access a sportsbook without the software in these countries can lead to unwanted attention from law enforcement officers. Using one eliminates your data logs, which makes surveillance hard.

  • Malware:

While VPNs alone might not protect you from malware, most come bundled with antivirus software. When you have it, you enjoy downloading sportsbook apps and other related software privately, and without viruses and corrupted software.

The levels of safety offered to players differ from one sportsbook to another. Some have high-end security features like SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, superior-quality gambling software, and secure banking.

However, in the absence of these features, a private network can protect you against data breaches and the other risks outlined above. Therefore, your name, address, banking details and other crucial details are safe while using a VPN crypto sportsbook.

No Payout Limits

Sportsbooks have different payout amounts for various games and in different countries. For example, the maximum payout amount for a single bet in a soccer game might be $10,000 in a certain country but $3,000 in another. Factors that affect maximum payout differences between the countries include:

  • The popularity of a game in a particular market
  • The volatility of the betting market

A common mistake players make is assuming they’ll automatically get a maximum payout when they win a wager they’ve placed. For example, placing a stake of $500 at odds of 10.00 doesn’t automatically mean the bookie will pay you $5,000 when you win. If the payout limit in the market you’ve placed your bet is $2,000, they’ll only pay that amount. Therefore, the software can help you bypass the payout limitations and place bets in markets that give you the highest possible payouts.

❌Drawbacks of VPN Friendly Crypto Sportsbook

While the use of VPNs brings down firewalls and minimizes restrictions while using crypto sportsbooks, they also come with a set of limitations. They might give you a false sense of security, which might make you reckless with your online activities. They are also notoriously popular with hackers, and people who do money laundering, which makes them a threat for sportsbook betting enthusiasts.

Here are some common drawbacks:


Many sportsbooks have reservations about the use of VPNs as it helps players in restricted states and regions access their platforms, violating their terms and conditions. Using the software to access a bookie with these restrictions might have consequences like getting your account frozen or terminated, and losing your funds and winnings.

Change of Policy

Gambling and betting policies change very often. For example, a crypto sportsbook’s regulating authority might have given them the leeway to gamble. However, if an incident happens compromising their safety, they might revoke certain permissions or review their policies, terms and conditions. Abrupt policy updates can make it impossible to bet, and withdraw earnings from your favorite sportsbooks.