Top VIP programs

Top VIP programs at online casinos

When selecting a legal online casino for gaming, it’s tempting to be enticed by generous deposit match bonuses or flashy initial deposit refund promotions. However, even after exhausting these new player offers, a top-notch online VIP program could continue to boost your earnings by an extra 1% or 2%.

Overlooking the terms and conditions of the rewards program at the online casino you’re planning to join is a common rookie error, but we’re here to assist you in steering clear of it.

Online Casino VIP Programs

There have been great rewards programs in casinos since Benny Binion left Texas for downtown Las Vegas’s Glitter Gulch back in the 50s. Free rooms, complimentary steak dinners, and all the whiskey you could drink have been the defining marketing tool of Las Vegas casinos ever since.

In the beginning, most of a gambler’s play was evaluated and comped by the floor men and pit bosses that roamed the table game areas, but over the years, the business of free stuff has itself become big business.

Now, whether you are betting on a $100 dice table at a land-based casino in Atlantic City or playing penny slots on your mobile phone in Punxsutawney, PA., the casino is keeping track of what you bet, how much, and for how long.

They are going to use that data to decide how much they can give you in the form of comps, free play, and other offers like airfare or limos in order to ensure you keep coming back.

Most of the online casino programs we will discuss use a tier-based system, which is to say, the more you gamble, the more you will be entitled to.

These are called loyalty clubs, not because they are showing their loyalty to you but because they are attempting to force you to spend more of your gaming dollar in one place.

This is accomplished by saying, look, don’t spread your money around with our competitors. The more you spend with us, the better we will take care of you. Your loyalty to us will be rewarded.

While online casinos have costs of their own, the truth is that without expensive slot machines, billion-dollar resort/casinos, and having to pay all those dealers, slot attendants, cage people, and an army of housekeeping folks, they have a LOT more money to spend on keeping you happy and loyal.

So, understanding these reward programs will help us keep more of our gambling dollar in OUR pocket, where it belongs.