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Top 100 Online Slots Collection

As one might anticipate, a number of classic games are included, including Buffalo and Cleopatra. These games, along with Quick Hit and Double Diamond, are immensely popular both in Las Vegas and online. These specific games are ubiquitous in Las Vegas casinos, and they are exactly the same in online slots, so it makes sense that they are well-liked.

The best part is that we may play these slots online for nothing.

More significantly, we will never ask for your email address or harass you with pop-up advertisements according to our “no spam” policy. We never ask for your details in the first place, so you can be sure we won’t sell them! It follows that your security and safety are assured.

Online Slots Ranking: Our Favorite 10

Which online slots are the most popular then? Which games do you all as a community find yourself returning to time and time again? It’s interesting to note that the majority of the most played games are those that, when they were initially introduced in Las Vegas casinos, were truly revolutionary. games with fresh and creative features that added to their amazing gameplay fun.

Additionally, each of these games has withstood the test of time. They still provide just as much enjoyment now as they did when they first visited the casino.

The top 10 are listed here, reversed in order.

10: Online Slots for Siberian Storm

Siberian Storm became popular right away when it was originally introduced to the casinos. It gave a totally new format to the slot machine, with varying numbers of rows on every reel and a background soundtrack that was nothing short of amazing and thrilling. Oh, and when you strike a large win or the bonus game, you’ll also hear the Siberian Tiger’s enormous roar.

Because of the game’s extreme volatility, you may go for extended stretches of time without winning, but when you do, wow, those wins may be enormous. Siberian Storm is a fantastic online slot game that perfectly reflects the mood of the original.

Siberian Storm Slots: Play Free Online

9: Slots at Vegas World

This social casino game is one of the most played on our site even though it is an online-only slot machine and is not available in real life. It truly is one of those games that you either love or loathe, and getting into it does take some time. However, once you get into it, the game gets really addicting, which is okay because it’s free to play (though you may choose not to make in-game purchases if you so choose).

The big feature in Vegas World is the social element. Unlike other slots, with vegas World you can actually talk to other players and interact with them. For example, you can head to a party and have a dance with other players. You can also get your very own Vegas apartment and upgrade it as you progress through the game.

It’s wonderful fun and well worth spending 20 minutes playing, to see if it’s for you

Play Free Vegas World Slots Online

8: Book of Ra Deluxe Online Slots

This game is probably totally unknown to most Vegas visitors, but is actually one of the most popular slots on the planet and as an online slot game. Book of Ra slots is the biggest hit in European casinos and is also massive in Australia and Latin America.

The best bit about Book of Ra is the bonus game. During the bonus, one of the symbols becomes an expanding wild during all the free spins and is great fun to watch, as the bonus unfolds. Once you egt into this game, you will be hooked, it’s so much fun. Hopefully this game (and others made by Novomatic, the game’s makers) comes to Vegas soon.

Play Free Book of Ra Slots Online

7: Wizard of Oz Online Slots

Wizard of Oz really pushed the boundaries of what a game could be like when it was released in Vegas. For the first time, with it’s 3D surround sound and vibrating chair, you could actually feel the action as well as see it and hear it.

One of the best bits in the game is just before the Glenda the Good Witch bonus is about to strike. When this happens, there is an eerie noise that appears and the background, almost like the regular game is fading away, then along comes the Witch and the bonus is awarded. There are loads of other amazing features too, all of which appear in the free online slot.

Play Free Wizard of Oz Slots Online

6: DaVinci Diamonds Online Slots

Like a lot of the other slots in this list. DaVinci Diamonds was another ground-breaking game when it was released. With it’s ‘tumbling reels’ (some people refer to it as exploding gems), it really appeals to players of regular games on their desktops and phones, which also have exploding symbols that fall from the top of the screen.

If you have never played DaVinci Diamonds, you can play our online slot version, which is identical to the original and you don’t have to pay a penny to play.

Play Free DaVinci Diamonds Slots Online

5: Golden Goddess Online Slots

The Golden Goddess online slot game, which is so popular with our visitors is probably the least ground-breaking out of all the games, in that most of it’s features have been seen elsewhere in some shape or form. Which begs the question; why does it have so many fans?

The reason is, quite simply, that it does everything so well. From the graphics, to the sounds, to the timing as the reels land and the sense of anticipation that builds during the bonus game. It really is one of the most polished game, with so much attention to detail that ensures that it is a lot of fun to play, with a few unique twists.

Play Free Golden Goddess Slots Online

4: Quick Hit Online Slots

Anyone that has been to Las Vegas over the past few years could not have helped notice that the Quick Hit slots are being more and more prevalent with each and every year that goes by. This series of slots (there are loads of versions) are so popular that almost every casino in Las Vegas has and entire section dedicated to this one game.

The (free) online slot version of quick hit is restricted to the ‘Platinum’ version right now. If you are lucky enough to live in the UK, you can play a few more version at an online casino, but not yet if you are in the US or Canada. Hopefully, they will add more free versions soon, because it’s an amazing slot that transports you straight back to Vegas as soon as you start to play.

Play Free Quick Hit Slots Online

3: Double Diamond Online Slots

Three Reel slots have a huge following both in Vegas and online. The best-loved one on our site is definitely Double Diamond. It’s simple game play and hypnotic sound effects when the reels spin are identical to the Vegas classic, so when you play you feel like you are back in the casino, all that’s missing is the waiting staff bring the free drinks!

Play Free Double Diamond Slots Online

2: Buffalo Slots

Buffalo is an absolute legend in casinos all over the world and is especially popular in the US, Canada and Australia. Every casino in the US has Buffalo on display and many of them have entire sections dedicated to the game. One of the most wonderful things about Buffalo Slots is that every version they make is brilliant and yet the original is still great fun to play.

Attention to detail is paramount to the way Buffalo keeps you playing and coming back for more. The simple sound effects, the way the reels fall into place, the way that you can win on every single possible pay-line and the fact that the bonus can be re-triggered so many times are just some of the amazing features. It’s a truly world-class game.

It might come as a surprise to true Buffalo Slots fans, that the game isn’t the number one in our list. Even though it only came in at number 2, it came very very close to being crowned top slot. Possibly the reason for not getting the #1 spot, is that the game is not very popular in Europe, whereas Cleopatra is massive in all the countries around the world.

Play Free Siberian Storm Slots Online

1: Cleopatra Slots – still the most popular online slot!

OK, so the battle with Buffalo was very very close and in some countries Cleo won and in others, it was Buffalo, but overall… Cleo won the race by an absolutely tiny margin.

So what is it that makes Cleopatra slots so much fun? I think for many of us, it was one of the first video slot games that brought in the free spin feature, which along with an incredible theme (we all love the mystery of ancient Egypt) and some stunning little touches, which even today stand the test of time.

In addition, it is possible to win big on Cleo. The game always makes you think you could hit the big one (5 Cleo symbols in a row) and hit that huge prize, or even a jackpot if you are on max bet. That tantalizing aspect makes the game an absolute wonder-slot.