Review of MaxBet Casino

Everything Is in Romanian

If you speak English, the first thing you’ll probably notice about MaxBet is that the entire website is written in Romanian. Therefore, you would be wise to use your web browser’s translate feature unless you are an absolute language whiz who can learn a language in a heartbeat. Though it will help you navigate and comprehend what’s what, there will still be some parts that make no sense because this isn’t a comprehensive answer.

It’s also very slow, with parts of the text taking a long time to load. There may be some initial confusion if you combine that with a currency that is significantly less common than the big players (EUR, USD, GBP, SEK, etc.). It should be mentioned that Euros are accepted; they are simply not used for the initial flashing promo advertising on the home page.

Despite this, the site is quite strong, and Playtech’s cutting-edge software ensures that you’re getting high-quality graphics, games, and design. Whether using a desktop computer or a tiny smart device, everything will function as smoothly as you would expect from a Playtech casino. However, flash downloads are required to support the video sequences. Take advantage of the many slot machines, table games, and sports betting options available.

Hungry for Bonuses

We want bonuses and we want them from the start – so what does MaxBet have to offer the hungry prospective customer with a world of casinos from which to choose? Well, there is a generous welcome promo giving you up to 1200 RON (250 euros) on your first deposit. This does depend on the amount of cash you drop: 40 RON to 49 RON gets you a 25% deposit bonus, 50 RON to 199 RON equals a 100% bonus, an excess of 200 RON gets you a 200% bonus up to a 1800 RON max and if you’re a big spender, you can get 4,000 RON for a 4,000 RON drop and 6,000 RON for a 12,000 RON spend. There’s a lot of noughts right there.