Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack: An Open Option

For those who’ve engaged in online blackjack, the nagging doubt often arises:

Is this game manipulated?

How does it measure up to the thrill of in-person casino play?

Acknowledging these ponderings, online casinos have responded by offering a solution to allay concerns – presenting a more transparent and authentic experience with live blackjack dealers.

In this piece, we’ll delve into the mechanics of live blackjack, juxtaposing it with RNG-based blackjack, and provide insights on reputable platforms where players can safely enjoy the game for real money.

Live Dealer Blackjack Sites

How Does Live Blackjack Work?

The latest evolution of online casino gaming allows you to play blackjack against a real physical dealer which you can see over a live video stream in real time.

So just like visiting the local casino, the live action thrill is much more present as you can chat and interact with not only the dealer, but other players and viewers on the table.

All of this is provided to you through a live stream on your desktop or mobile device however the dealer, and any other players will NOT be able to see you which should ease any privacy concerns.

All of the actions the dealer makes are visible and as he/she deals the cards, you will prompted on your screen on what options to take. This is achieved through microchips that are attached to each card so the software knows what the values are and can track your chosen actions accordingly.

RNG Blackjack vs Live Blackjack

RNG Blackjack

RNG (Random Number Generated) blackjack are the standard computerised games that are found at all online casinos.

These are powered by software that perform intricate mathematical algorithms to simulate the shuffling of multiple cards so that the result is a fair system that mimics playing with actual cards.

The benefits of playing RNG blackjack is that you can play at a much faster pace (or slower if you prefer) than normal and most online casinos offer a multitude of variations to choose from.

Now is it possible for these type of games to be rigged? Absolutely. This is why we list reputable online casinos only on blackjackinfo where their games are audited by third parties to ensure fairness. However, the live blackjack option certainly does give more comfort because you can visually see the cards being dealt by a human dealer

Live Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack allows you to play against a human dealer in real time so there is no RNG used. The gaming experience is much more realistic as you can interact with the dealer and other players on the table through a live chat function.

The negative aspect of live blackjack is that you can’t decide how fast/slow a pace you want to play because there are other players on the table waiting for you to make a decision. Each casino will have some sort of visual indicator to show you how much time you have remaining to make a decision. If time expires then the lack of response is interpreted as a stand.

Also note that streaming the live feed of the dealer requires a lot of data so be sure to have a stable and fast internet connection or it may turn out to be a more frustrating experience instead.

Live Blackjack Variations

Just like in normal RNG online blackjack, the type of live blackjack variation and rules offered depends on the software provider the casino chooses to use.

Live Blackjack Software Compared

Let’s go over a few of the popular providers so you can see the difference

Visionary iGaming

Evolution Gaming


Extreme Live Gaming


Is Live Blackjack Rigged?

Considering all actions the dealer makes is visible to multiple players/viewers, it would be extremely difficult for a casino to rig blackjack.


Having said that there was an incident that went viral in February 2017 where video footage of a dealer dealing cards in a peculiar manner lead many to believe BetOnline was intentionally cheating.

There is no concrete evidence that this was either an accident made by the dealer or purposeful second dealing. It does make you wonder though, since it’s so easy to record video footage of gameplay, why would a casino even attempt to rig their games in a manner like this?

Live Blackjack FAQ