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Your Guide for the Best Online Casinos in America

You’ve found the best resource for information about the top New Jersey online casinos if you’re seeking for a one-stop shop. We’ve done the legwork for you at We’ve evaluated every online casino available and will break down the important elements for a satisfying gaming experience. Continue reading for our in-depth guide!

What can you learn from our casino guides?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an online casino, and our team of experts has detailed them all: From reputation to game selection, history, and most importantly, security and fairness, you will have all the information you need to begin playing after reading our guides on the best online casinos in America.

We know how important your money is to you, so we’ve compared casinos and their products, customer service, and payment methods to provide you an easy guide on the differences.

Learn the proper casino terminology

In our online casino guide, you’ll often find terminology unique to the online casino industry. Here’s a quick look at some of the most-used terms and what it means:

Most used termsWhat does it mean?BankrollCasino bonusRTPVolatilityWagering limitHouse edgeFree spinJackpotLive dealer

Tips and Tricks to improve your casino experience

Obviously, playing at an online casino is not equal parts luck and skill: Most games, especially online slot machines, are weighted with an advantage for the house. While there’s not much you can do about the luck aspect, you can do something about the skill-and especially where you decide to play your games.

  • Read our reviews

Start with checking out our team of experts’ comprehensive online casino reviews so you know you’re playing at a safe and trustworthy casino. Every online casino we’ve reviewed is licensed by its respective state. From each casino’s welcome bonus to a detailed look at game selections, promotions, and offers, you’ll have everything you need to find your favorite online casino.

  • Watch streamers play

Another fun option to get more familiar with online casino gaming is by watching the professionals play. Perhaps the best way to do that is by following some online casino game streamers on Twitch. There, they often discuss their best strategy and tactics, which you can implement into your play.

  • Read on game rules and strategies

For whichever online casino game you choose, it’s essential to know the basic rules and game variations. Games like blackjack, roulette, craps, and baccarat have an element of skill involved and knowing which games to play and how can be a significant advantage. You can find a detailed breakdown of these games and their strategies as part of our online casino reviews.

  • Practice playing for free

If you’re not quite ready to put your money on the table or into the slot machine, many casinos offer virtual online casino games that can be played for free in Demo Mode.

This is an excellent way for beginners to feel out the games and find which online casino they prefer to play at. Practicing for free is simple: You play as you normally would but without real money at stake.

  • Try out Slot Tracker

Another way to get a leg up on the games is to download Slot Tracker, a unique tool designed to track spins across thousands of online slot machines. With Slot Tracker, players can receive accurate data on a game’s outcomes, including RTP and volatility.

Discover which casinos payout the most?

Every casino’s game selection is different. By reading our reviews, you can decide on just which casinos (and their welcome bonuses) may offer you the best value. Whether it’s casinos and their welcome bonuses or slot games and their details, you’ll find several factors that go into finding the best payouts.

Games with a high RTP at 96% above generally payout the most. Still, there are other things to consider: Slot machines have different hit frequencies (how often a machine stops on a winning combination) and volatility (how rare and large wins can be). Knowing which type of slot machine you’re playing on and the bonus features attached is also a plus.

Depending on what kind of player you are-beginner or experienced-and what your bankroll is, you may be more attracted to certain games. Generally speaking, low-volatility games provide more wins with more modest payouts. Also, keep in mind that some casinos prioritize table games with their promotions and offers.

Learn how to manage your bankroll

Perhaps the most important thing about playing at online casinos is planning and gambling responsibly. You must be prepared to win or lose. A good practice is to plan your bankroll ahead so you know when to quit and give yourself enough time to get the hang of things.

Wagering requirements explained

Wagering requirements are attached to most online casino bonuses. These requirements allow the casinos to protect themselves while allowing players to play their casino games for free: Obviously, casinos are in the business of making money—they can’t just hand out free money to everyone who signs up. Wagering requirements are the multiple of how much you need to play through before you can withdraw winnings from your bonus.

When you receive bonus dollars or free spins, you can play that money at no cost depending on the terms. But if you were to hit it big and wanted to keep those winnings, you’ll need to deposit money and play through the value of the bonus a certain number of times to satisfy the wagering requirement.

For example, if you receive $20 bonus dollars with a 1x wagering requirement, you would need to bet (or play through) the same amount you received as a bonus. So, in this case, you would need to wager another $20 before you could collect your winnings.

Wagering requirements are generally low, with many U.S. online casinos offering 1x wagering requirements for bonus dollars and 20x for matching deposits.

How does RNG work?

Online casinos use a Random Number Generator (RNG) for the vast majority of their games. These RNGs are regulated and have been tested by agencies like eCOGRA.

The fairness of RNGs is imperative to playing at online casinos: While professional dealers are shuffling and dealing cards at land-based casinos, RNGs take care of that business online. RNGs are based on a mathematical formula that ensures every play-a roll of dice, a spin of the wheel, deal of card-is random and completely unpredictable.

RNGs use a pseudorandom number generator, which produces algorithms. This is all based on a fixed number, which is how online casino game developers can control the RTP rates of their games.

Find how House Edge affects your game

While all casino games have a built-in “House Edge” advantage, understanding it is the best way to beat it. This advantage varies from game to game, but it’s always there. By knowing the house advantage, you can figure which online casino games are best for you.

Traditionally, online casinos have the biggest House Edge in slots. More paylines mean more House Edge. Generally speaking, games with a higher House Edge pay out less over time than others.

Discover the High Roller casinos

Some online casinos are considered “High Roller” online casinos because the stakes are higher. While this isn’t the same thing as a Loyalty Program, it serves a similar purpose: High roller casinos feature higher buy-ins and minimum bets.

Different casinos have different criteria, but some look at a players’ average bet and how long they play to determine high-roller status. Make sure the high-roller casino you choose is licensed in its respective state.

Tips to managing your casino account

Managing your online casino account is easy, but once you set a username and password, be sure not to share this information with anyone. Another good practice is occasionally changing the password to keep it safe.

Personal data will be available with your casino account, including bankroll, bonus balance, and credit card and payment information. For those interested in setting limits on their gambling activities, with deposit or session limits, look at your account to see how to implement these.

Also, make sure that you are signed up to receive e-mail alerts from your online casino, so you don’t miss the latest bonuses or promotions that can lead to free spins or other perks!

Blacklisted casinos

While every casino we review is licensed and regulated by its respective state, that doesn’t mean that every online casino out there is safe and trustworthy. There are several online casinos out there that are considered “blacklisted” casinos for many reasons, including deceptive advertising and/or business practices, unfair games and/or bonus terms, and unreliable and/or unhelpful customer service.

If you are considering an online casino that is not listed on our website, make sure that online casino is licensed and regulated in their respective state. If not, it is our recommendation to steer clear: Blacklisted casinos do not provide a safe playing experience and carry enormous risk in putting your money on the line.