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Free Online Casino Games for Fun

Even though the majority of these games are basic and unpolished, they are still enjoyable, and many of them have a crucial feature that lets you know when you’re not using the best approach so you can improve.

NOTE: You need upgrade your Java installation from this link if the game you wish to play continues crashing when using Internet Explorer 9 (which is included with Windows 7) (for an explanation of why, see Microsoft’s page here). Consider updating to a more reliable browser, like Google Chrome, while you’re at it.

Online casinos have one major benefit over their physical counterparts: they let gamers try out games without having to pay any money. That’s correct, you may explore some of the greatest table games, video poker, and slot machines for extended periods of time without spending a single penny.

Even while it appears to be one of those “perfectly perfect” things, the truth is that it has the ability to do a great deal of harm if handled carelessly. The most serious issue we are implying here is excessive gambling, which can lead to a host of other dangerous behaviors.

That’s where a perceptive manual like this one comes in, instructing gamers on how to maximize the benefits of “demo play” and turn it into a useful resource for learning new things and honing old ones. This is the place to be if you want to learn about the many benefits of playing easy games, as well as what fake casino games are, how to play with fake money, and much more.

Enjoy Wizard of Odd’s comprehensive guide to free-play casino games by tuning in!

Playing Simple Games Helps Boost Knowledge

Paying attention to the selection of games listed on this page, what is it that you notice? A thing in common for a vast majority of them is crude and simple, one could even say too simple compared to how many nowadays games look like.

However, they all come with an important feature- they will tell you if you don’t follow the optimal strategy. That’s great because it’s the best way to learn how to play better and work on polishing your knowledge and skills.

You see, for players who are just getting started, it’s of great importance to slow down and learn the rules first. Watching all those big-time players self-confidently placing large bets, you can’t help imagining yourself as one of them, can you? Yet, that’s the attitude one should work a lot on, and beneath that, there are days, months, and even years of training and learning.

That returns us to the starting point here- simple games may seem trivial on the surface, but playing them can help you improve skills and techniques. All those pro players who are rocking the stage playing some complicated and complex casino games used to be newbies back in the day. And yes, they all used to play simple games just like the ones listed here on this page.

Becoming a good player who knows exactly what they are doing is not something that happens overnight. It’s a time-consuming process that requires patience and the openness to acquire new skills. You can even think of it as a trial-and-error method, but, of course, only within the limits of demo play, of course.

Different Games Have Different Approaches

When it comes to slot games, there are no proven strategies that guarantee success, that is winnings. It all more or less depends on Lady Luck and her good or bad mood.

Of course, information on return to player percentage (RTP), hit frequency, and volatility altogether can signal whether a game is worth it or not. Alongside the paytable analyzed, these bits of info can help players understand whether a game delivers frequent but small payouts or rare but larger payouts.

In the case of video poker and table games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, and different poker games, players need to understand basic rules and strategies first and practice a lot to master them. After a while, they will gradually progress to advanced strategies, which can help them add an extra edge to their games.

Strategies and techniques like card counting, Martingale strategy, controlled roll, bluffing, and similar, may or may not work, but to apply them, one needs to learn a lot in advance. This page with Wizard of Odds free games is an excellent starting point for all players who want to gradually build their knowledge and learn the basics of the most popular casino games.

Fake Games & Fake Money

Exploring the internet, you will probably encounter queries such as “Where to play fake casino games?”, “What’s the best fake gambling website?” and stuff like that.

“Has the world gone mad?!”- might be a sentence running through your head while reading something like this.

But, worry not, the fake casino games we are talking about here have nothing to do with counterfeit products and pirated content from genuine game providers. When talking about fake games, and fake gambling money, what people actually have in mind are demo games, the ones you play for fun or in free mode/ practice mode.

On the Wizard of Odds play-for-fun page you will find an abundance of interesting games which can be played without a single dollar. Websites such as this are sometimes called fake gambling sites, simply because they don’t represent actual casinos, but platforms with demo versions of real money games.

Demo games allow players to practice as much as they want and learn the rules with no pressure– all that without losing money. Some online casinos may have a selected number of games that can be played for fun, but on sites like this, there are no limitations whatsoever.

Don’t be discouraged by the attitudes saying that demo play doesn’t provide the same level of enjoyment as real money gambling. While to some extent this may be true, the purpose of demo play is to help players understand the rules of the games. If you approach it like that, then you won’t end up disappointed, it’s as simple as that.

As noted a bit earlier, fake games and fake gambling money mentioned in this context are not to be confused with fake games which represent the falsified variants of genuine slot games. From time to time, you may encounter articles where sharp-eyed slot investigators reveal that certain casinos serve pirated works that resemble real games from NetEnt, Playson, Igrosoft, Novomatic, and other popular studios.

More Ways to Extend Gaming Sessions

Depending on the jurisdiction you reside in, online casino bonuses may or may not be available to you. While most of them are in connection with making a deposit, there’s one special type of offer where no money needs to be spent to claim it- it’s called the no deposit bonus.

This type of bonus is often aimed at newly registered clients who’ve just created an account at an online casino. While in most cases winnings from such bonuses cannot be cashed out, they represent an excellent resource of free playing credits. In most cases, they come in the form of extra spins for slot games, but some casinos give them in the form of bonus cash for any game, meaning you can even use them for table games.

If you’re curious to check how they work, make sure to claim them properly. In case they are granted in the form of bonus codes/ coupons, paste every letter, number, and symbol, and mind the uppercase letters. Check the expiration date as well.

How to Find a Suitable Game to Play?

Are you a fan of slot games? Try luck with 21 Bell, Atkins Diet, Vamos a Las Vegas, or Fruit Machine. Prefer table game classics such as

Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, One Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Keno, Three Card Poker, Let it Ride, Roulette and Casino War? Suit yourself. Wanna try some all-time popular video poker such as Joker Poker, Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild? Have a go.

As you can see, this page is optimized to meet the demands of all profiles of casino players, regardless of which genre is their favorite. This leads us to an important thing- choosing a game is a matter of personal preferences and should be done based on individual likes and dislikes.

The genre itself aside, here are a couple of directions that may be of help when choosing a game to play, be it demo or real money mode:

  • Skill level (beginner, experienced player, pro, recreational gambler…)
  • House edge/ RTP
  • Betting limits and side bets
  • Game themes and features, including progressive Jackpot

Don’t forget that rules in land-based casinos can often differ from those in online casinos. What’s even more, Internet-based games often come with some upgrades and options that are available in digital format only. That’s among all, another perk of playing demo games online, a chance to explore something new.

Getting the Most of Free Play Games

We live in a world full of illusions and frauds, so one needs to be extra careful with their own time and money. Both of them are precious and invaluable, so they need to be invested wisely.

You’ve probably heard of shill players in land-based casinos. Those are individuals employed by the casino who play on house money and help to start and fill games. Their task is to attract real players and lure them into spending money.

An equivalent to that in the online casino sector is casino streamers. Some of them gamble using their own money, but a certain number of them are sponsored by casinos. Those people placing unreasonably high bets, chasing losses, and gambling excessively don’t use their own money, but demo money from a casino.

An average player, of course, doesn’t know that, so they end up thinking “If they can gamble with a lot of money and win, why can’t I?”, which is the first step into gambling addiction.

So, even though demo games don’t require money, still, one should still be careful when choosing where to play them. Stick with platforms that are equipped with useful guides, game reviews, information on rules and strategies, trainers, calculators, and tools like that.

Remember that gambling is all about fun and entertainment, and the moment it becomes anything other than that, quit it. Gamble responsibly!