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How to Play Online Blackjack

Millions of players play blackjack online every day, making it a hugely popular card game.

Blackjack’s ease of play is one of the key factors contributing to its popularity. In only seven easy steps, you can learn how to play online blackjack by doing this:

Step 1: place your bet

Start a wager and go all in with $1.

Step 2: receive your cards

In addition to showing you one of his cards, the dealer will deal you two blackjacks.

Step 3: decide if you want to double your bet

If you receive two cards of the same value, you have the option to split your wager and stand at any moment before you hit.

Step 4: Determine whether you wish to “hit”

By selecting “hit,” you can add more blackjack cards to your hand, but if the total value of your cards is greater than 21, you will immediately lose.

Step 5: click ‘stand’

When you’re prepared to play your hand, click “stand.”

Step 6: learn the dealer’s hand

When the dealer reveals his concealed jack card, players with a total of 16 or less must always hit. If they reach 17 or more, they will cease striking.

Step 7: win or lose

You win when the combined value of your cards is greater than that of the dealer. You lose if you have a lower score than the dealer, or if the total of your cards exceeds 21.

What are the online blackjack rules?

Playing online blackjack is a fun way to pass time, develop your powers of strategic thinking, and test your ability to act under pressure.

To get the most fun from your game, you need to know the rules of blackjack. Without these, you may make the wrong moves and lose games that you could have won.

These are the 14 key rules that you need to know when playing free blackjack games.

14 key rules to follow when playing online blackjack

  1. Your aim is to get a score of 21 or a higher value than the dealer.
  2. If your score exceeds 21 then you lose. This is called ‘bust.’
  3. If your score ties with the dealer then your bet is refunded. This is called a ‘push.’
  4. Bets are placed before you’re dealt your cards.
  5. You’re dealt two face-up cards by the dealer.
  6. The dealer starts with one face-up card and one face-down card.
  7. Ace is worth 1 or 11 (pending on which value most benefits you).
  8. Ten, jack, queen, and king are worth 10.
  9. Two – nine have their face values.
  10. You hit if you wish to be dealt more cards.
  11. You stand if you are happy with your two cards.
  12. You can double your bet if you wish to do so.
  13. You can split pairs and turn them into two separate bets.
  14. The dealer must score at least 17 — they deal themselves more cards if they don’t.

So, remember these 14 rules when you next sit down to play blackjack online at Arkadium!

How to win at free online blackjack

There’s no guaranteed strategy for winning at blackjack. This is because it’s a game that combines both skill and luck, meaning that sometimes you simply have a bad run of cards.

But while you’ll never be certain of having a successful game, there are some strategies you can use to improve your chances of winning at online blackjack.

Five tips to help you win blackjack games

Tip 1: learn the basic blackjack strategy

The basic blackjack strategy is a mathematical approach to blackjack that tells you the best moves to make based on the cards you’ve been dealt.

The best way to learn this approach is to use a basic blackjack strategy chart. This shows you when you should hit, stand, or surrender.

Tip 2: ‘hit’ if you’re dealt 8 or less

If your cards total no more than 8 then you should always ‘hit.’

Tip 3: never split these pairs

Splitting pairs gives you a chance to play two concurrent games against the dealer, increasing your chances of having a winning hand.

However, there are some pairs that you shouldn’t split, as they don’t give you a great chance of winning. You should never split 4s, 5s or 10s.

Tip 4: never stand on these numbers

If the dealer’s cards total 7 or more, then you shouldn’t stand if your cards have a combined value of 12-16.

Tip 5: Avoid insurance bets

Insurance bets may seem like a good idea. However, it doesn’t shift the odds in your favor and is generally a waste of your gambling chips.

Now you know how to win at blackjack, all that’s left for you to do is put your knowledge into practice. Play our free online blackjack game now and see how many games you can win!

How to count cards in blackjack

Blackjack is synonymous with card counting. Many films and TV shows have been made about people winning games by counting cards and lots of players have tried the strategy.

Counting cards in blackjack in four steps

Step 1: give every card in the deck a value

To make it as simple as possible to count cards, put the cards in the deck into three groups and assign them the following values:

  • 2-6: +1
  • 7-9: 0
  • 10-Ace: -1

Step 2: maintain a running count

Your running count helps to determine the moves you should make based on the cards you’ve been dealt.

Using the values you’ve assigned to cards, you’ll be able to work out if the running count is going up on down. If the count is positive and increases, the advantage is with you. If the count decreases and falls into a negative, the value is with the dealer.

Step 3: calculate the true count

The true count is used to help you count cards when more than one deck is in play. You can find it out by using this simple equation:

True count = running count ÷ number of decks remaining

Step 4: alter your bets as the true count increases

Use the information you have from the values you’ve assigned to your cards, your running count, and true count to establish what the true count is.

As the true count increases and decreases, alter your bets accordingly — raising it goes up and dropping when it goes down.

How to deal when you play blackjack online

Dealing couldn’t be simpler when you’re playing online blackjack. All you need to do is hit the ‘deal’ button and your cards will be dealt.