Fast Withdrawal Casinos UK

Fast Withdrawal Casinos UK

Best online casinos with fast payouts

Our casino experts have run multiple withdrawal tests to come up with the best online casinos with fast payouts. The title belongs to Rizk Casino, which was able to process withdrawals in just minutes.

Below, you can see the ten quickest payout casinos available in the UK.

Looking at the runner-ups, it’s clear that the best sites have under 1 hour withdrawal times. These casinos suit players who want things to happen quickly, and this speed is usually reflected on the casino platform as well.

Check out a more a detailed rundown of the fastest paying online casinos below.

1. Rizk

The fastest withdrawal casino is Rizk. We concluded a withdrawal test that showed that Rizk paid out winnings in less than 10 minutes, making it an instant withdrawal casino.

Rizk is a superhero online casino; this is both their theme and a good description of their quality of service. When we talk about user-friendly casino websites, Rizk pops up constantly. It is pretty much the quickest in the UK and in every other region.

Rizk is a casino that doesn’t really do welcome bonuses. They reward active players with clever bonuses like the Wheel of Rizk and provide a high-quality experience, which more than makes up for the lack of a first deposit bonus.

⏱️Withdrawal test: Rizk withdrawal time

2. Videoslots

The second-fastest withdrawal casino is Videoslots. Our experiments showed that players received their withdrawals in less than an hour, some even in five minutes. Videoslots is one site you can genuinely call an under 1 hour withdrawal casino.

What people often remember about Videoslots is their insane game library. We are talking thousands upon thousands of slots from nearly every UK-licensed game provider.

Videoslots is an instant payout casino that simply has everything you’d want. Check out its bonus and all banking methods in the table below.

⏱️Withdrawal test: Videoslots withdrawal time

3. Casumo

The third-fastest withdrawal casino on our list is Casumo. They are a completely unique independent casino with their own pros and cons. Fortunately, in the pros column, you can find swift payouts.

Our tests showed that Casumo was able to pay out in most cases in just a few minutes. This was true with every withdrawal that did not require additional verification. Those would take from hours to even days. So, as long as you are fully verified, this is an instant payout casino.

Casumo has a somewhat small but versatile bonus package for new players, as they like to welcome new customers with open arms. See the details below.

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4. Casushi

The next fast payout casino on our list is Casushi. It has impressive withdrawal times, with 1-3 hours on average when using PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller.

Our tests show that Casushi is just a bit behind the top three quickest casinos, still hitting the under 1 hour withdrawal mark. This means that they can be considered an instant withdrawal casino.

This “Zen of Happy Play” platform offers a fun sushi theme, over 1,500 games, and plentiful bonuses. You can see the payment and bonus details below.

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5. Playsunny

PlaySunny brings the heat with quick withdrawals, loads of bonuses, and over 20 top-rated game suppliers.

Just like the previous mentions on our list, PlaySunny is an instant withdrawal casino. This means that they averaged rapid withdrawal times in our tests.

PlaySunny offers some sunshine for players. Enjoy a wide range of games in a sunny and relaxing atmosphere with swift payouts.

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6. HeySpin

HeySpin is the last brand on our list that we can truly call an instant withdrawal casino. It has a swift payout process, averaging just a bit more than 30 minutes with PayPal in our tests.

HeySpin is a casino with slots, live casino, and sportsbook all in one. This site runs on the Aspire Global platform, so rest assured, you can trust its reliability and ease of use.

If you want a sure choice, HeySpin is definitely it. You can see further details about its offerings below.

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7. BingoStars

BingoStars pleasantly surprised us in our withdrawal tests, earning its spot on the list of quick withdrawal casinos. They offer way quicker payouts than your standard casino, averaging just 1.5 hours for PayPal withdrawals.

What you’ll find at BingoStars is a combination of bingo and slots. Most often, these sites heavily rely on their online bingo rooms, but BingoStars surprises yet again with over 1,600 casino games.

Furthermore, they have a huge 300% casino bonus for newcomers. You can see the bonus details below, along with our withdrawal results.

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8. NetBet

NetBet is a veteran casino, serving players since 2001. It has steadily kept its reputation as a fast withdrawal casino, and our tests confirm this year after year.

You get access to a wide range of payment methods here, but the quickest are PayPal and Trustly, which offer 1-3 hour withdrawal times on average.

NetBet has it all, from no deposit bonuses to over 2,500 games and excellent usability. You can view our withdrawal results and the full bonus deal below.

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9. CasinoLuck

CasinoLuck is another long-standing casino with swift payouts. Our withdrawal tests show that their payout times are slightly inconsistent, with the quickest withdrawals taking just 40 minutes, but the average falling to 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Nonetheless, this shows that CasinoLuck is a fast withdrawal casino site. You get the quickest payouts with e-Wallets, with under 1 hour withdrawals at best.

CasinoLuck is based on slots, which it offers from nearly 40 different game suppliers. You also get access to a broad range of live casino action.

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10. Winomania

Winomania completes our list of fast withdrawal casinos. It is also the only option with something other than PayPal taking the crown in our withdrawal tests.

We achieved the quickest withdrawal at Winomania with Skrill, with a payout time of 1 hour. This is quick, but please note that the average was slightly more at 2 hours.

What you’ll find at Winomania is exclusive slots, a fully modern platform, and generous bonuses.

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How we rate the fastest paying casinos

We rate fast paying casinos with a hands-on approach, running objective withdrawal tests with several payment methods at each site. This allows us to see which casino offers the quickest withdrawal times, how long the average payouts take, and how smooth the process is.

Additionally, we evaluate the key areas of each site to come up with an overall Bojoko rating. What you finally see highlighted on this page is a list of the fastest paying casinos in the UK, ranked by their withdrawal time, and rated further based on their overall performance.

As a recap, below are the factors we go through:

  • Stated withdrawal time: What the casino advertises as their withdrawal time.
  • Average withdrawal time: The average withdrawal time based on multiple testers.
  • Fastest withdrawal time: The fastest payout time our testers had.
  • Payment methods: The range of payment methods offered by the quick withdrawal casino.
  • Withdrawal limits: The minimum and maximum withdrawal by payment method.
  • The payout process: How smooth the payout process is (e.g., cashier usability and account verification)

What are fast withdrawal casinos

Fast withdrawal casinos are online gambling sites that prioritise quick withdrawal processing. This allows players to access their winnings in a shorter timeframe compared to standard casinos, where it can take hours or even days to receive your winnings.

Many casinos claim to be quick, and some even say they are instant withdrawal casinos. This is unfortunately just marketing speech for some, but there are casinos that stand by these claims.

The fastest paying casinos have streamlined their payment processes to ensure that once a withdrawal request is made, it moves swiftly to your wallet. Their aim is to minimise the wait time through the necessary processing stages and possible account verification.

The first thing that happens when you make a withdrawal request is that the casino staff will check the request. If there is no foul play, they accept it and put the request through. This step can vary from 1 minute to 3 days.

A casino is considered a fast withdrawal casino if this process takes less than 8 hours, and they can call themselves an instant withdrawal casino if they offer under 1 hour payouts.

How to choose a fast paying casino?

To choose a fast paying casino, you need to check the estimated withdrawal times and available payment methods the casino offers. The fact is that you can’t always trust the marketing speech, as every casino claims to be the fastest on the market and pays out lickety-split.

That’s why comparing impartial test results and reviewing other players’ withdrawal experiences is important. On this page, you’ll find our findings in plain numbers, showcasing the results for the fastest payout casinos in the UK.

Beyond our data, you can choose quick withdrawal casinos by following these steps:

  1. Select a casino with multiple fast payment methods: Digital wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller often offer the quickest withdrawals.
  2. Read the fine print: Check the terms and conditions for withdrawal policies. Some casinos have faster processing times but may have slow account verification, which you need to be aware of.
  3. Test the withdrawals: If possible, start with a smaller withdrawal to see firsthand how the casino handles the process.

To give you a clear example of what to expect from a fast withdrawal casino, here are the generally used benchmarks for withdrawal times:

  • Instant – Under 1 hour
  • Fast – Less than 4 hours
  • Good – Less than 8 hours
  • Fine – Less than 24 hours
  • Bad – More than 24 hours

Anything above 24 hours is no longer a truly fast paying casino. The withdrawal time is calculated from the moment you make your request to the second the money is in your bank account.

New instant withdrawal casinos

The casino market is as competitive as ever, and new casinos must do their best to appeal to players. Fast withdrawals and various quick payment methods are a great way for them to stand apart from the competition.

Our casino experts have tested and reviewed numerous new online casino sites in the UK, and the ones below came up with the fastest payouts. Each of them offers multiple e-Wallet or open banking methods known for speed.

The fastest payment methods in the UK

Quick withdrawal casinos have a few things in common. Fast staff or automated systems are obvious starters, but the most important factor is fast payout methods.

In the UK, there are certain methods that rise above the rest for their speed. These are e-wallets and open banking methods, such as PayPal, Skrill, and Trustly.

When you combine these methods with quick sign-up, deposit, and payment processing, you get an instant play casino. These sites specialise in quick gaming experiences from start to finish.

Below are some of the fastest transfer methods available for UK players.


PayPal is a household name when it comes to online payments, and the world of online gambling is no exception here. PayPal is often the number one option for a fast withdrawal casino.

In addition to its easy accessibility and speed, PayPal is also secure. It is a method we can wholeheartedly recommend for anyone.

PayPal’s speed depends a bit on how you have it set up. The quick withdrawals are in your PayPal account in seconds, while it does take a little longer if you want them in your bank account.

You can read more about PayPal, learn how to use it, and find PayPal casino sites on our dedicated PayPal page.


Skrill is an e-Wallet that let’s you deposit and withdraw lightning fast. With it, the actual transfer happens basically instantaneously. It is only a matter of seconds until the money has reached its destination.

This is a secure transfer method that is perfect for anyone who plays often. The setup takes a moment, but after you have your Skrill e-Wallet up and running, it is easy to use and super quick.

If you plan on playing on more than one site or simply prioritise speed and security, then Skrill is the choice for you.

Head on to our Skrill guide, and you can read more about the transfers and discover Skrill online casinos.


Just like Skrill, Neteller is a fast paying e-Wallet that is perfect for instant transfers. Deposits and withdrawals move at near-instantaneous speeds. When those funds are sent, they should be there before you can open your account to check.

As it is very widely accepted, Neteller is perfect for players who like to try out multiple of the fastest withdrawal casinos and transfer funds between them.

There aren’t really any big differences between Skrill and Neteller. They were bitter rivals but are now owned by the same parent company and offer a very similar service.

You can read more about it in our guide. Learn how to use it and find casinos with Neteller.


Trustly is the fastest non e-Wallet method for UK players. This open banking method allows you to quickly deposit and withdraw directly from and to your bank account.

It’s main benefits are instant transfers, a high level of security, and the fact that you can use it without registering for any additional services. As a result, it is often featured at the fastest paying online casinos.

Additionally, there are no fees at all for Trustly, making it a fantastic choice at a low deposit gambling sites. Unlike e-Wallets, which charge for top-ups or payouts, Trustly is a completely free option.

To learn more about Trustly and to find online casinos accepting it, check out our Trustly casinos UK page.


MuchBetter is a relatively new name when compared to the previous methods. Despite this, it has steadily fortified its place at same day payout casinos.

This method works similarly to Skrill and Neteller, acting as an instant transfer e-Wallet. The main differences when compared to those are with the actual usability, design, and fee structure. It offers the same lightning-fast speed and robust security.

You can learn more about the method as well as the casinos that accept it on our MuchBetter casinos UK page.

What are the slowest payment methods

The slowest payment methods are wire transfers, traditional bank transfers, and debit card transfers. Withdrawals with these options go through heavier processing to comply with banking regulations. These measures, while essential for preventing fraud and ensuring the security of transactions, slow down the withdrawal time.

  • Wire transfers: Wire transfers are the slowest method for withdrawing. Processing times can vary significantly, usually ranging from 4 to 6 business days, but it’s not uncommon for these transactions to take up to 10 days or more. This is because in a wire transfer, the sender’s bank sends the transfer details to the receiver’s bank before moving the money. Both parties then need to go through numerous security checks and protocols before the money even starts moving.
  • Traditional bank transfers: While faster than wire transfers, traditional bank transfer withdrawals also take a long time. This process usually takes at least three to five days to complete. In traditional bank transfers, the money is moved directly from the casino’s bank account to the player’s account. This process is subject to strict banking regulations and multiple security checks to prevent unauthorised transactions.
  • Debit card transfers: Cards like Visa and Mastercard are widely used, but their withdrawal times can be painfully slow. Withdrawals using these cards typically take between 2 to 4 business days to reflect in your account. Withdrawals with cards go through heavy processing, which all adds to the withdrawal time.

Fastest payment methods compared

The common factor with each of the methods is that they are fast. However, their actual design, look, and feel are different. You can see a comparison of the quickest methods below, including their deposit times, withdrawal times, and fees.

Factors that affect your payout time

Payout times vary between casinos and different payment methods, with several factors influencing how quickly you can expect to see your winnings.

  1. Casino’s processing times: Its smart to look for fast paying casinos, as each brand has different internal review processes for withdrawal requests. This process can be as lengthy as 48 hours, which adds a lot of time before the transaction even reaches your chosen payment method.
  2. Payment methods: E-Wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller often offer the fastest withdrawals, while bank transfers and debit card withdrawals tend to be slower due to more strict banking regulations and longer processing times. Choosing a quick withdrawal method from the get-go is your best bet.
  3. Account verification: Casinos must verify their players, which is known as the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. If your account is not verified, your withdrawal will not be approved. We recommend that you complete all required KYC verifications shortly after registering to avoid withdrawal delays.
  4. Withdrawal amount: Larger amounts often require additional security checks or manual reviews, which can extend processing times. Splitting large amounts into smaller withdrawals can sometimes speed up access to at least part of your winnings.
  5. Casino’s terms: Casinos have specific withdrawal limits or policies that can affect payout times. It’s wise to read these before hand to avoid any surprises.


Choosing a fast withdrawal casino is the safest bet if you want to access your winnings quickly. The great news is that most of the top casinos of 2024 prioritise fast payouts, recognising the demand for quicker withdrawal times.

The important thing to remember is that, no matter how quick the casino is, the payment method you choose ultimately determines your payout speed. Under 1 hour withdrawals are possible with methods like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, or Trustly, so stick to them for swift payouts.

We highlighted the fastest withdrawal casino for UK players, but as new sites aim to grab this spot from Rizk, the situation might change at any time. To stay updated with the quickest payout casinos, make sure to check this page again from time to time. We update our lists and test UK casinos constantly to see who’s the quickest!


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