DGS Slot Machines

DGS Slot Machines: A Blend of Tradition and Stagnation

Expertise, Advancement, and Astute Craftsmanship

These are the three pillars touted by the company on their official website, albeit one that appears untouched for years. While these qualities promise an exhilarating experience with their online casino games, the reality falls short of expectations.

DGS boasts a wealth of experience, evident in their long-standing presence in the industry. Their enduring tenure amidst a landscape littered with short-lived software providers speaks volumes. However, their adherence to traditional approaches paints a stark contrast to their claims of innovation and intelligent design.

Regarding innovation, DGS was at the forefront of streamlining player transactions across various platforms, a pioneering move that simplified fund transfers between sports betting, racing, casino, and bingo wallets. Moreover, they adapted their software for mobile compatibility, albeit without recent updates. While their slots may be accessible on iPhones and other devices, their lack of progress is evident compared to competitors pushing boundaries in today’s dynamic market.

Intelligent design, as lauded by the company, seems relegated to their backend systems, as their games, particularly the slot machines, lack visual appeal. A fresh infusion of creative talent is direly needed at their Costa Rican headquarters to revitalize their offerings.

In essence, while DGS boasts a rich history and some innovative strides, their stagnant approach to design and development leaves much to be desired, especially in an industry marked by rapid evolution and innovation.

A Paltry Selection of Slots

Browsing through the catalogue of slot machines that have been developed by DGS won’t take you very long and you’re sure to be left feeling astonished at the paltry selection on offer. It’s quite staggering that a company which has existed since the early noughties currently only has eighteen slots to its name – averaging out at just over one slot for every year that they have been in business!

Despite the small selection of games available, the horrible graphics, hideous sound effects and lack of bonus features, there are still several reasons to give DGS casino slot machines a spin. These include the fact you can play them instantly without having to download any software, there are big payouts on offer for lining up the highest-paying symbols, large bets can be made on every spin for those with deep pockets, plus there are various themes to ensure that at least one of their games lure you in to having a few spins.

Titles That Might Pique Your Interest

As a sporting aficionado with a thirst for speed, the Fast Way video slot is one of my favourite DGS releases. Hit the turbo button and the symbols will align across the five reels faster than the blink of an eye as you steer your aerodynamic racing car across the finish line in the hopes of getting your hands on the golden trophy – and the 2,000x your line bet prize that comes with it!

If it’s some swashbuckling action you’re craving, DGS boast two pirate-themed slots that see you sail the seven seas in search for riches. The most basic of the two is a single-line, 3-reeled slot titled Pirate’s Treasure which boasts a bonus round that sees you pick a location to dig for gold and a progressive jackpot, while Pirate’s Revenge is a 5-reeled slot with nine paylines that boasts superior graphics, another straightforward bonus game and a top prize of 5,000x your line bet.

Plenty of fruity fun is on the menu too as Fruit Punch and Fruity Fortune are both 5-reeled slots, offering a maximum of five and nine paylines respectively, that see clipart-styled symbols roll onto the reels as you seek your five-a-day to cash-out with the biggest prizes on the pay table.

To further emphasise the great variety of themes on offer in the DGS range of slots, a few other examples include Alpha Centauri which sees you blast off into outer space on board a rocket ship, you can roll your way to a fortune playing Crazy Dice, 8 Ball sees you shoot some pool, while The Circus sees you take a front-row seat to watch seals clapping and clowns juggling.

A New Lease of Life Is Vital

It’s perfectly clear that DGS are resting on their laurels, basking in the success that they enjoyed during the early noughties, with zero intentions to innovate and take their business to new heights.

Their focus is firmly on the sportsbook software that they provide to clients, rather than the casino side of the business, and there are no signs of this changing anytime soon. Heck, there isn’t even any sign of a new slot machine being released and it’s clear that their most recent online slots release was several years ago.

Even if they were to surprise us by announcing a new slot out of the blue, it’s not something that would excite anybody – unless they assemble a whole new team of mathematicians, digital artists and programmers! We would recommended those from other developers, such as eGaming slots, or RTG slots over this range.