Casino Birthday Promo

Birthday Bonuses at the Top Online Casinos

What can people expect on their birthday?

Which holiday do you prefer? While some may say Christmas, others will say the New Year. While some people view their vacation as a holiday, others think every day is a holiday. Furthermore, every single person will have a valid point. Still, there’s that one perfect day every year. As one might expect, it is a birthday. With all the congratulations and surprises, who could possibly dislike a birthday?

What are the most common birthday presents? Essential, in the opinion of the donor, items. Donate money if you’re too chicken to guess a gift’s true value. Casinos, however, do not sit on their hands; they lavish players with generous bonuses and monetary presents. If you’ve verified your account and submitted real information in your profile, the casino will surely give you a bonus on your birthday. I don’t know. Your overall activity level, including your betting and winning totals, will determine your fate. Thus, let us examine thoroughly:

  • list of casinos that give birthday bonuses;
  • what kind of gifts do casinos give;
  • and are there any “pitfalls” for gifts from the casino;
  • and also tell you where to play safely.

Birthday gifts are provided for regular users and newcomers. They go to account holders who have made deposits to a personal account. They are divided into two types:

  • Free spins on various slots, including new slots from popular developer companies. The number of free spins can be different. You may have 1, 5 or more free spin bonuses.
  • Adjunction for a certain amount is allowed to spend at the discretion of the account owner, but usually, the money has to be wagered on machines.

Often, when receiving a birthday gift in a casino, it is impossible to simply withdraw money from your account to a wallet and a bank card online. The user needs to bet a certain amount in order to win back the bonus money. This can be done immediately after they are credited to the account or later – it is given from several days to a couple of months. The condition is mandatory, and strictly controlled by the administration.

Different online casinos have additional wagering requirements. It is equal to x45. The gambler have to multiply bonus by this specific indicator to determine the number of mandatory bets. On some sites, you can contact technical support with a request to reduce their number by increasing the size.

Features of getting a bonus

For fans of gambling entertainment, various promotions regularly operate in the casino. You can use some of them after reaching the level established by the rules in the loyalty program. There are gifts for particular dates, including birthdays. The client needs to pass verification by providing reliable information and uploading scans of original documents to receive them. Otherwise, problems often arise when withdrawing winnings from an account.

The different modern sites have their own parameters for receiving bonuses online, but most have approximately the same accrual conditions:

  • Free spins and money in table games are intended for users making deposits to a personal online casino account.
  • They are accrued a few days before the birthday or after it.
  • This is a no deposit bonus from an online casino, so you don’t have to make a special deposit by a certain date to receive it.

There are sites with strictly established rules for the number of bonuses. But in some online casinos, the management determines it depending on the client’s activity, and the number of deposits made to the account. When registering, it is worth studying the details to understand the game’s features.

Beforehand, it is better to clarify on which slots you can spend the accrued money or free spins. After all, some sites have restrictions on the choice of slots.

If, for some reason, the promotion is not available for several days, you need to contact support. Perhaps there was a technical failure, or incorrect information was provided during registration. This can be easily fixed by changing your details and re-verifying your account.

No one will be left without a sweet

Even if there was no time for the game at all, but you are registered in the casino, you will still get a generous gift. These can be free spins or regular replenishment of the game account, which you can spend at your discretion. Usually, such bonuses and codes need to be wagered, but in honor of the birthday, the wager may be minimal, or it may not be at all. This means that there is an opportunity to withdraw the bonus immediately. It’s nice, isn’t it?

If you have been playing on the same site for more than two years, then it may give out an additional bonus from the casino on your birthday. Therefore, stay true to the same site, and every birthday you will receive additional bonuses. And what prevents you from playing in several casinos at once? Probably not bad to get a few gifts on this day? Don’t forget to visit all the sites only – the bonuses are valid for a limited time!

Unwrapping gifts

Are all casinos with bonus withdrawals? Will there be any problems? Shouldn’t. This is the same bonus as the 200% – 300% first deposit bonus. But almost all casinos require wagering it. This indicates that you have to pay off the wager. That is, for every dollar of the bonus, make a certain number of bets. And the more significant the chance, the faster you will win back the received prize.

This seriously overshadows the joy of the gift. It turns out that the casino lends you this money. Therefore, it is better to choose a casino that separates the bonus money and your winnings. If the gambling site is more generous, then you can even withdraw your entire bonus without wagering. Or only a part of it provided that you still make several bets, for example, for five dollars.

So it’s still worth verifying your account not only in order to receive a bonus from the casino on your birthday but also so that there are no problems with its withdrawal. Regularly check casino promotions in your email inbox.

A casino with a bonus withdrawal is an excellent opportunity to get pleasant surprises and love the game even more. Stay true to the old sites, check out the new ones, and if it’s your birthday today, “Happy Birthday!”. To everyone else – good luck!

Presents around the year

You don’t need to be waiting around for your birthday to get lucrative bonus offers. There is a long list of casinos that give out reload bonuses weekly, and some go further, providing them every single day. While Birthday bonuses are a special treat, they should never be the sole reason for joining. Recurring bonuses are essential for a good, long-running gaming experience.

The main draw when casinos advertise themselves is the welcome bonus, not their recurring offers. This is why we have created the above list to showcase where you can get that extra joy on your special day. We do not currently have a selection of casinos with recurring offers, but if you are interested, this is covered by a long list of affiliates from MrGamble to Casino Professor to Bojoko. We are particularly impressed with the latter, as they do not only provide a selection of casino reload bonus offers available to UK players, they let you use their filters to trim the list down and find the exact kind of casino you are looking for.

The main thing to remember when comparing reload bonuses is that the wagering requirements and the time needed to meet them often vary from the welcome offers. This is rarely a big issue, as reload bonuses tend to be smaller and thus easier to turnover, but high wagering requirements can easily be detected and skipped.

It is also worth keeping in mind that small daily reload bonuses might not be as good as a large weekly reload bonus. Bonus spins, for instance, are often just worth 10 or 20 pence a piece, so if it is a matter of getting 10 bonus spins a day, or £50-100 a week, the latter is almost always the larger amount.

Where to play?

For fans of gambling, there are promotions that allow them to save money from their personal wallet. You can create an account on the sites from the proposed list to use them. Our rating consists of licensed platforms that provide customers with a no deposit bonus at online casinos for their birthday.

We have collected different options with simple wagering conditions and fair payouts. Here you will find only the top operators. Indeed, to assess reliability, real user reviews, popularity, and range of slots were considered. Therefore, proven gambling halls are indicated. When choosing which, you will not have to worry about receiving money earned through promotions.