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Best Online Bingo Casinos – Top Sites, Feb 2024

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You can now find online bingo at several legal online casinos nationwide. Below find a complete guide to playing bingo online that includes:

  • How it differs from live bingo
  • New bingo variations you can only find online
  • Where you can play online bingo for free or real money in the US

Free Bingo Games at Online Casinos

BetRivers online casino has hundreds of slots and table games and is licensed to operate in New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. It invites players to free daily promotional bingo games with Bonus Money prizes.

BetRivers Casino awards players guaranteed tokens they can use to enter one of the minimum of 20 free bonus bingo games at BetRivers daily. Plus, BetRivers invites players that are Loyalty Level 2 or above and actively playing for real money. The winners can earn up to $15.00 in Bonus Money, and BetRivers will multiply bingo winnings up to 5x depending on your Loyalty Level.

Tropicana Online Casino and Virgin Online Casino run similar free 90-ball bingo games with Bonus Money prizes every 30 minutes.

Online Real Money Bingo in the US

Only three of the best online casinos in the US offer real-money bingo games. These are primarily 90-ball bingo games played for as little as $0.10 up to $5 per game, where you can win up to $200.

  • Tropicana Online Casino: Tropicana has been running 90-ball bingo games daily since 2015. It has $1, $2, and $5 bingo games. Plus, Tropicana has free bingo with Bonus Money prizes.
  • Virgin Online Casino: Virgin runs from $1 to $5 entry fee for 90-ball bingo games. Virgin also has free bingo with Bonus Money prizes.
  • Pala Bingo USA: Pala Bingo USA is Pala Casino’s dedicated online bingo site. It runs 90-ball bingo games that start at $0.10. Pala also gives away bonuses for bingo players and free tickets.

Types of Online Bingo Games

Here’s a quick look at the types of bingo games you can play at the best New Jersey online casinos.

90-Ball Bingo

Cards have 27 squares on a three-row and nine-column grid. Each row has five numbers and four blank spaces. You play with six-card strips.

The game randomly draws 90 numbers and marks cards automatically. Blank spaces are free spaces and count as marked. Wins start when you mark all five numbers in a row to make a line. However, the game continues until it draws all 90 numbers. There are additional prizes for two lines and a full house, where you mark all five numbers in all three rows.

75-Ball Bingo

Cards have 25 squares on a five-row and five-column grid. Each row has five numbers, but an empty square in the middle is a free space and counts as marked.

The game randomly draws 75 numbers and marks cards automatically. You win when you mark all five numbers in a row to make a line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The game continues until it awards all additional prizes for blocks of nine and round robins, where you mark all numbers around the perimeter of a card.

80-Ball Bingo

This version of the game follows the same rules as 75-Ball bingo, but it is played on four-row and four-column grid cards and randomly draws 80 numbers.

How to Play Online Bingo

You’ll need to sign up for an account with a legal and licensed online casino that has online bingo or a dedicated online bingo site. However, that takes just a few minutes and only requires you to provide minimal personal and account information.

If you want to play for real money, you must also make a deposit. However, this process is even faster, and legal and licensed online casinos and dedicated online bingo sites give you a choice regarding how you deposit. Most let you use several different online banking functions and payment processors. Plus, there are retail options where you can deposit cash.

As for getting your money out, you can see here for the fastest paying online casinos.

Finally, you’ll have to find the bingo games. However, most online casinos make that easy. Simply look for the tab labeled ‘Bingo’ or ‘90-Ball Bingo.’ Tap the tab and follow the prompts to enter the bingo game. The games will run regularly, usually every half hour, lasting 5-10 minutes. Each game costs from $0.10 to $5 to play.

Online Bingo vs. Electronic Bingo vs. Instant Bingo

The electronic bingo games you might play at a live casino or bingo hall have replaced traditional paper cards and ink dabbers with machines. It’s computerized bingo, and the machines play for you. All you have to do is sit back and watch.

Instant Bingo is a game played on a pull-tab card you might buy at a lottery retailer or bingo hall. These small perforated paper cards resemble scratch cards featuring mini bingo games.

Finally, online bingo is a lot like electronic bingo; only it’s played at legal and licensed online casinos and dedicated online bingo sites. It’s also computerized bingo, where you buy cards or strips of cards, and the software plays for you. Again, all you have to do is sit back and wait to see if any of your cards is a winner.

75-Ball Bingo vs. 90-Ball Bingo

There are some differences between 75-Ball and 90-Ball Bingo. These start with the cards, as 90-Ball Bingo cards have 27 squares, and 75-Ball Bingo cards have 25.

Then, 90-Ball Bingo sees all 90 numbers drawn, handing out prizes for lines, two lines, and a full house along the way. In contrast, 75-Ball Bingo hands out prizes for lines, blocks of nine, and round robins, stopping when all prizes have been won, even if the full 75 numbers have yet to be drawn.

What are the Odds of Winning in Online Bingo?

Your odds of winning any bingo game depend on how many players there are in the game and how many cards you all buy. Think of every card you buy as one chance to win, and look at how many players there are and how many cards they purchased to determine the odds.

If you and everyone else buy one card in a 10-player game, your odds of winning are 1/10. If you buy six cards and everyone else buys two, your odds of winning are 10/28. Many online bingo games will provide you with at least some of this information so you can approximate your odds of winning as you play.

How to Play Bingo Online with Friends

You can host your own free bingo games online for friends and family with several different virtual bingo apps and websites. Setting up a game online with sites like and takes just a few minutes.

Free Online Bingo at Pulsz Bingo

Pulsz Casino is a popular social casino app or sweeps cash casino where you can play 300-plus online slots and casino games for free. You can play with Gold Coins or FREE Sweepstakes Coins and redeem the FREE Sweepstakes Coins you win for cash prizes.

Pulsz operates under sweepstakes laws, meaning there’s no purchase required. You can buy Gold Coins to play with, but these coins have no cash value. Buy Gold Coins, and you will get FREE Sweepstakes Coins as a bonus. Then, when you play with FREE Sweepstakes Coins and win more, you can redeem the FREE Sweepstakes Coins for cash prizes. You can also get more FREE Sweepstakes Coins through social media contests, giveaways, promotions, and requests through the mail.

Pulsz Casino also runs the dedicated bingo site Pulsz Bingo where you can enjoy free online bingo games. Pulsz Bingo works the same way as Pulsz Casino, allowing you to play multiplayer online bingo games with social bingo cards for Gold Coins or FREE Sweepstakes Coins. Then, you can redeem any FREE Sweepstakes Coins you win playing bingo for cash prizes. Pulsz Bingo also offers you exclusive online bingo promotions and daily login bonuses.

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