7 11 21 Lottery

7 11 21 Lottery Tickets

Is 7 11 21 the name of any kind of online casino game? Given that it seems to be a future date, is this the developer’s best guess as to when the world will end? Let’s just concentrate on the positive aspects of this immediate win game for the time being and hope the unhappy day never arrives. We’ll find out eventually. In addition, the upbeat soundtrack of 7 11 21 by Instant Win games makes it difficult to feel depressed while playing. If you’ve ever watched a TV show such as Come Dine With Me, you’ll have an inkling of the sort of soundtrack that’s served up here.

The fact that 7 11 21 is a really tidy mobile game is among its best qualities. A thin HTML5 framework guarantees quick game loads and optimal performance across a variety of platforms, including Android and iPhone. The background image, which shows little bubbles rising to the top of the screen, is lovely, as are the colors and the font.

Triple Whammy

With three games per game you’ve got three chances of winning which means triple the fun. That’s the theory at least. Game 1, Game 2 and Game 3 are prominently displayed at the top of the screen, each one accompanied by a smart three-dimensional star. There are some rubbish looking scratch cards doing the rounds at online casinos but 7 11 21 isn’t a patch on them – it’s way better, from a visual perspective at least. Below the trio of games, you’ve got 9 gold coins with a question mark imprinted on each. They’ll reveal themselves in just a moment as soon as you initiate the game, but for now you’ll just have to guess at what sort of riches might lie underneath.

Because 7 11 21 has been designed for mobile players, all of the game controls are large and easy to locate and adjust. Setting your bet level for example calls for clicking on the oversized plus and minus buttons. You can bet as little as a single coin per game or set a max bet of 3 coins. It’d be fair to say that 7 11 21 isn’t going to be attracting high limit gamblers in their droves then, but then scratch cards are generally for an audience of more modest means. Once you’ve set your bet, press play and the game can finally spring into action, with the stars in Game 1, 2 and 3 rotating and the gold coins below following suit.

The Big Reveal

As is customary with scratch cards, you’ve got two ways to play: you can click on Reveal All and the symbols printed onto the 9 coins will be revealed in an instant, or you can click on each one in turn as if you were manually scratching a scratch card. It’s really up to you how you wanna play; the former is quicker but the latter is arguably more exciting. You can actually swap between the two methods in fact, starting off in manual mode before switching to Reveal All when you get bored.

The first 3 numbers you reveal will enter the box for Game 1 and will be totted up. So if your numbers were 11, 4 and 5 for example, Game 1 would show 20 in its centre. The prize will also be shown beneath it; this will probably be in the region of 20 coins. This process is then repeated with Game 2, whose prize might be several hundred coins, and then the same with Game 3. So how do you win from this game? Simple: by having the numbers in each of the games add up to either 7, 11 or 21. Achieve that and you’ll win the prize that’s shown.

Super Simple to Play

7 11 21 is an extremely simple game, as scratch cards tend to be, but it’s also a fun one as soon as you grasp what the aim of it is. If you’re unsure, you might want to play for fun at first. Then as soon as you’ve gotten the hang of it you can elect to play for real money. Instant Win Games, whose name rivals Dice Slots for being axiomatic, deserve credit for the clean and mobile-friendly design of this game. It’s one that’s easy to play in shorts bursts here and there as time permits and it’s one which could earn you several hundred coins from a single game.